Equilibrium Objectives

We are starting on the Equilibrium unit this week. Here is a summary of the objectives:


# Objective Must-do Activities Videos
1 Explains the state of dynamic equilibrium Equilibrium Test Dynamic Equilibrium
2 Predicts the direction of shift in equilibrium following a change in concentration, temperature, or pressure (Le Châtelier’s Principle) Le Châtelier assignment, Equilibrium Test Dynamic Equilibrium, Le Châtelier
3 Calculates [H3O+] and [OH], using Kw at 25°C Kc, Kw, and pH Practice, Equilibrium Test Kw
4 Applies the relationship between the pH and the molar concentration of hydronium ions (pH = -log10[H+]) Kc, Kw, and pH Practice, Equilibrium Test Calculating pH
5 Calculates the equilibrium constant (Kc, Ka, Kb) for a chemical reaction Kc, Kw, and pH Practice, Equilibrium Test Kc, ICE Tables, Ka, Kb
6 Associates the strength of acids and bases with the value of their Ka or Kb Equilibrium Test Strength vs. Concentration, Ka, Kb
7 Calculates the Ksp of a substance Ksp Lab, Equilibrium Test Ksp

Best (and Worst) Study Habits

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Best and Worst Study Habits

From http://collegecandy.com/2013/10/13/study-hacks/

Reactions and Rates Simulations