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Secondary 4 Review

Review (to be covered in class):

Organization of Matter review (view/download)

Periodic Classification review (view/download)

Enumeration of Matter review (view/download Part A- mole definition or view/download Part B – mole calculations)

Stoichiometry review (view/download Part A or view/download Part B)

Forms of Energy review (view/download)

Lewis Dot Diagrams review (view/download)

Representing Bonds using Lewis Dot Diagrams review (view/download)

For more practice (Quantum Chemistry textbook questions):

Organization of Matter – page 4 #1

Periodic Classification – page 10 #6-7

Enumeration of Matter – pages 13-14 #10-14 (Note: #14b should be CaCl₂)

Stoichiometry – page 24 #31-32

Forms of Energy – page 30 #42, page 32 #46-47

Review (for your reference):

Nomenclature and Notation Rules review (view/download Part A  or view/download Part B)

Physical Changes review (view/download)

Chemical Changes review (view/download)

Balancing Chemical Equations review (view/download)