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Forces Objectives

We are starting the Forces unit. Here is a summary of what you are responsible for in this unit: # Objective Must-do Activities Videos 1 Explains the possible effects of a frictional force Forces Test Types of Forces 2 Calculates the force of gravity on an object System of Forces worksheet, Forces Test Types of Forces …

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Uncertainty in Measurement

Please watch this video. Note that at 13:50, there is an error: (1.25 + 0.45) should have brackets around it. When you are finished, tweet one (or more) questions about the video. Use the hashtag #LEARNuncertainty. Your questions could be: related to something that you don’t understand a question you think I might ask you a …

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Free Fall Investigation

We will be doing our second hands-on lab of the year on November 2nd, when we will be investigating the motion of an object in free fall. Please take a look at the required materials below: ticker tape timer machine (110V or battery) – also known as an acceleration timer machine carbon paper ticker tape ruler …

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