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URM Test

We have been working through the Uniform Rectilinear Motion (URM) unit. HereĀ is a summary of what you are responsible for in this unit: # Objective Need help? Use these video lessons! 1 Add vectors using the component method Intro to Vectors, Representing Vectors, Vector Addition – Components 2 Add vectors using the graphical method Intro …

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Vector Addition Force Table Lab

The purpose of the Force Table lab is to practice vector addition using the graphical method and the components method. Just as a reminder for the Force Table lab, you need the following equipment: circular force table (or a stiff round tray such as a pizza plate, 30 – 50cm in diameter, as shown in …

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Hello Class!

Welcome to the CulePhys blog. We will be working here from time to time. In this course, we will be covering: How things move (URM/UARM motion) How forces affect an object’s movement (Dynamics/Forces) How energy changes when an object moves or how energy changes affect an object’s movement (Energy) How light is reflected or refracted …

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