Transformation of Energy Objectives

Here is a summary of what you are responsible for in the Transformation of Energy unit:

# Objective Must-do Activities Videos
1 Applies the mathematical relationships associated with kinetic energy, potential energy, work, and heat Work and Power Worksheet, Conservation of Energy assignment, Energy unit test Work, Conservation of Energy
2 Analyzes the transformation of mechanical energy in a given situation Conservation of Energy assignment, Energy unit test Work, Hooke’s Law, Conservation of Energy
3 Applies the mathematical relationship between elastic potential energy, the force constant and the change in length in a given situation (F = kx) Hooke’s Law lab, Energy unit test Hooke’s Law
4 Applies the mathematical relationship between power, work and time (P = W/Δt) Work and Power Worksheet, Energy unit test Mechanical Power

Dynamics Objectives

We are starting the Dynamics unit. Here is a summary of what you are responsible for in this unit:

# Objective Must-do Activities Videos
1 Describes the law of inertia (Newton’s First Law) Dynamics Test First Law
2 Applies F = ma, the mathematical relationship between the force acting on a body, mass and acceleration (Newton’s Second Law) Forces and Motion Lab, Dynamics Test None
3 Describes the law of action-reaction (Newton’s Third Law) Dynamics Test Third Law
4 Determines the value of the force of friction in a given situation (force of friction = applied force – net force) Dynamics Test System of Forces
5 Determines the acceleration or exerting forces of a body on an inclined plane Dynamics Test Inclined Plane

Optimism in the new year

As you probably know, Chris Hadfield made history in 2013 when he became the first Canadian astronaut to act as commander of the Internation Space Station. I have great respect for him and what he has accomplished and couldn’t help sharing this video. Enjoy!

As we prepare for the new year and the second half of our course, I’d like you to reflect on this video. What are you optimistic about this year? Add a comment to let us know!