Atoms & Elements Test

As we are wrapping up our first unit, here is a list of the objectives that we covered so far. You are expected to be able to:

  • Determine the number of valence electrons in an element
  • Represent atoms using Lewis notation
  • Describe the position and electrical charge of the elementary particles in an atom (proton, electron, neutron)
  • Represent an atom of a given element using the simplified atomic model
  • Define the mole as the unit of measure of the amount of a substance
  • Express an amount of a substance in moles
  • Define isotopes as atoms of the same element whose nuclei have different numbers of neutrons and therefore different atomic masses
  • Explain the concept of relative atomic mass

You can use this as a checklist while you are studying. All of these objectives will be covered on the test.

You will get this¬†Periodic Table on your test, but no formulas. (Note that the Periodic Table and last year’s exam formula sheet are stored in Sakai Resources > Useful Documents).¬†