#LQchat – Twitter Chat

Hi folks…

Here are a few instructions for participating in the chat:

Participating using TweetChat

  1. Go to http://tweetchat.com/
  2. Where it says “Enter a hashtag to start”, type in LQchat and click Go
  3. Enter your Twitter username and password and click on Authorise App
  4. Type your tweets where it says “Tweet into #lqchat”. Everything that you type in the Tweet window will automatically have the proper hashtag
  5. You can pause the feed by clicking on the Pause button (Start to un-pause)
  6. To respond to someone else’s tweet, use one of the buttons below their tweet:
tweet chat controls

Responding to other people’s tweets in TweetChat


Most Twitter chats follow a Q & A format:

question and answer

Energy unit

Here are the objectives for the energy unit.

  • Calculate the effective force in a given situation (the component of the applied force parallel to the direction of motion)
  • Applies the relationship between work, effective force and distance travelled (W = FΔd)
  • Applies the relationship between work and energy (W = ΔE) – not covered on the test
  • Applies the relationship between potential energy, mass, gravitational acceleration and the distance travelled (Ep = mgh)
  • Applies the relationship between kinetic energy, mass and speed (Ek= ½mv²)
  • Applies the relationship between thermal energy, mass, specific heat capacity and temperature variation (Q = mcΔT)

New Year’s Resolutions

As you probably know, Chris Hadfield made history in 2013 when he became the first Canadian astronaut to act as commander of the Internation Space Station. I have great respect for him and what he has accomplished and couldn’t help sharing this video. Enjoy!

As we prepare for the new year and the second half of our course, I’d like you to reflect on this video. What are you planning to do differently this year? Add a comment to let us know!