Welcome Back Video – A LEARN Tradition!

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Training – August 29 to 31 / First day of class – September 4

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A SWEET Valentine’s Day Message to Our Students

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Teacher Appreciation 2018 – Community of Parents

Message from Margaret Dupuis, Director

I grew up in a family of educators. My mother and her two sisters were teachers, and because my mom taught all day, our father was our homework tutor. Their efforts and high expectations were crucial in assuring our academic success.  I was also from a small community, and as I think back, many of my teachers took on the same role.  They protected, guided, and encouraged.   They pushed us to learn, made sure we were involved in all kinds of activities, sports and clubs, inspiring us, and keeping us safe.  Together, the family unit and our teachers were all very actively involved in encouraging all three children in our family, to reach for the stars and find our niche in life.

As an administrator, I look at the great educators I work with and I have to say you are amazing people.  You give unselfishly, spend hours trying to find ways to engage and stimulate young minds.  You comfort during crises, are empathetic when life is cruel. In a time of divided families and isolation, you often provide kind words and a happy environment where your students can feel safe and supported. You listen and provide great advice, or sometimes just listen. You rejoice in your students’ successes and feel sorrow in their losses. You can be funny and silly at times, bringing joy to the lives of your pupils.  You always seem to be there when most needed.  You allow your students to fall but not too hard, and are there to pick them up – certainly sounds like a parent to me.  And, of course, you also enlighten young minds with knowledge and lifelong skills.  You are a friend, a confidante, an instructor, a facilitator, a crutch to lean on – how lucky our children are to be surrounded by such extraordinary individuals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our teachers, tutors and educational staff, who together, accomplish all of these great and wonderful things. I hear so many great stories from parents such as, “how kind you were, how their child would not have passed without your help, how you made a difference in their child’s life, how you helped their child enjoy school…” I could go on and on.

Your dedication has made an incredible impact on the accomplishments of the learners you work with and you play an essential parental role in their successes and future.  In this very busy world where everything seems to be moving so fast and time is very limited, you are needed more than ever to ensure safe and nurturing environments for your students.    Without you, where would our children be!


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Teacher Appreciation 2018

Just thinking here about Teacher Appreciation Week

If you look at the origins of the word appreciation, you will find that it comes from an old Latin word meaning “to set a price”.  Obviously it is impossible to put a price on the value of a teacher.   I could take the cliché route and say that teachers are “priceless”, and while true, that is simply a tired of way of expressing oneself.

So, let’s look at this differently.  Price is dependent on cost so I prefer to ask the question, “What would it cost us as a society not to have teachers who care and nurture and guide and share and who are selfless, generous, knowledgeable, and accessible.  And if after we stopped trying to calculate the cost to a world that does not have teachers, and we then tried “to set a price” on what we would be ready to pay for these amazing individuals, the real question is,  “Would we be able to afford them?  Just me wondering here!

Sincere thanks to our LEARN teachers and tutors who day in and out, stand out for their commitment to excellence.

Dr. Michael J. Canuel  


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Welcome to LEARN’s Virtual Campus!

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A very special #LQchat !


Plan to join our FINAL #LQchat of the 2016-2017 school year!

There may be a few surprises – be ready for anything!

When: Monday, May 1, 8 PM

Where: Twitter

Ask your online teacher for details.

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We <3 Our Students!

v_dayWe are SO lucky to work with AMAZING students from across Quebec.  We were at a conference on Valentine’s Day this year, but we were thinking about you!!

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Teacher Appreciation Wishes from LEARN’s CEO

Here we are again.  Teacher appreciation day!  Last year I said that every day, every week should be teacher appreciation day.  I still believe that, and maybe now more than ever.

Some of you surely have noticed I follow you on Twitter.  You see the “likes” and on rare occasions I may comment.  Mostly I am watching and I am impressed.  The quality of the work and the sheer commitment to the students is heart-warming and impressive.  For your love of students and for the work you do, I am most appreciative.  For your commitment and perseverance, I am indebted to you.  You do not hear it often enough, or cannot hear too often.  You are important.  The work you do is critical to our collective future.

I want to also extend my thanks to those who help make this happen and who more often than not, work in the shadows.  The leadership provided by Maggie and Dianne is critical.  The support of the Shawville staff and tech crew is core to the realization of this dream we call e-learning/blended learning.

Thank you on my behalf, on behalf of LEARN, and on behalf of the community we serve.


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Teacher Appreciation Wishes from Director of e-learning Services

To Our LEARN Teachers

The other day I received a much appreciated compliment from a colleague about the great work I was doing at LEARN.  Of course I was pleased, but mostly very proud because I know that the real reason I received this praise was because of our “e-Learning” instructional team’s accomplishments that occur year after year.

Over the last 17 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of incredible educators who take their careers and the needs of learners very seriously.  Now and then I get the chance to sit in on your brainstorming and PD discussions, learning about what is innovative and what can be added to your classes to enhance learning.  I hear about the successes our students are experiencing and the enjoyment you are having teaching these students. I am regularly amazed at what is happening in the online sessions, as well as what is continued outside this environment with social media.    Your efforts provide stability, security, motivation and compassion, which innately determines if a student will like a subject or even like to go to school.   The true role of an educator is to provide the opportunity for learners to learn about the world in a way that relates to them. You have all taken the time needed to do this, to learn about your students and you have brought their reality to the learning environment, on an ongoing basis. You are the heart and soul of our organization.

As I watch each of you I see educators who care about what takes place in relation to your students’ learning and their lives.  You are supportive, helpful, kind and thoughtful.  Your efforts definitively indicate that teaching is not just a job but a calling, and you provide learners with everything they need to soar and blossom.  You inspire, assist, and provide a shoulder to lean on. You are reliable, sympathetic and change learners’ lives every day.  So I gladly accepted the compliment that was given, but also let my friend know that alone I would never have had the opportunity to know what great dedication and innovation can produce.  Thanks to all of you for providing great opportunities for our learners across our Province.


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