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Online Blended Learning with LEARN

LEARN’s Virtual Campus provides high-quality instruction aligned with the Quebec curriculum and allows for equity of course offerings across the province no matter the size, staffing, or geographical location of the school. Our courses follow the Quebec school calendar and run from August to June.

All LEARN courses feature access to engaging online resources 24/7 through our secure learning portal and allow students to meet in a full-featured web-based virtual classroom. With modelling in how to build a 21st-century digital footprint, students are encouraged to communicate regularly, inside and outside class time, with their online teachers, develop skills related to the use of technology, and to participate in learning and reflection opportunities using social media.

Every spring, LEARN surveys all English secondary schools to determine online learning needs for the coming school year. The survey is sent to school boards and secondary schools via email. All requests for online blended courses MUST come from the school or school board.

LEARN’s Online Blended Courses are available in two different delivery options: Real-Time and Self-Paced.

What students, school staff members and parents have said about online learning with LEARN:

“I’m so excited to have the wonderful opportunity to take science math 5 online with Learn Quebec. Without this online program I would not have been able to take this course. Thank you!”

The online classes last year made her a more independent learner –thanks for helping her…”

“I really appreciate and applaud the teachers (my son) has had the opportunity to work with for his online courses – he’s truly lucky to have such devoted teachers.”

“The future of a varied curriculum in all schools at the senior high could most assuredly be enriched by Internet learning, offering courses that are unique to the individual student’s needs.”

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For more information, please contact Principal, Dianne Conrod.
dconrod @ learnquebec.ca  1-877-647-6060