**Updated** Updates from Former LEARN students!

We are so proud of our former LEARN online students who are experiencing success in life after high school:

I’ve got to be honest, all the stuff you taught us last year is really coming in handy in my physics class here so I have to thank you for that. Its quite a different atmosphere here though, my new physics has no internet disconnections and all that ha ha and now (3 other former online students) are just down the hall. -Dylan

To Mrs. Cule: I wanted to say it was a pleasure to be in your class! I’m roommates with Melissa actually randomly selected from 300 ppl ! I hope you have a good class this year 🙂
Hey Mrs. McG!
Just heard about your award- congrats! You definitely deserve it!:)
Also wanted to let you know that I’m doing my university courses by distance this year and I am loving it! Who knew that taking online math last year would have opened up so many opportunities.
Thanks again! – Laura

Hello Mr. Ross, I’m sure I’ve already thanked you for teaching me, but I want to thank you again for being patient and extremely helpful towards me and the class.For a time I became known as the “Master of graphs and projectile motion” which I’m sure you’re proud of, since you taught that so well! You really, really taught with a passion and helped us understand and not just memorize, thanks! 🙂 – Patrick

School is going good.  I’m doing pre-health at Cambrian College in Sudbury, hoping to get into either x-ray tech or ultra sound tech next year. I need at least a 90% average in pre-health to even get a chance to get in. Luckily I’ve been doing good in all my classes so far.  Physics has been extremely easy, thanks to you haha! Guess doing physics last year paid off after all 🙂          – Kaily

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought you may like to know that Donald has been asked to tutor math at John Abbott!

Have a great day, and know that you are affecting your students lives 🙂 –  FCA
Busy,  busy, busy! Hahaa, school is going really good! I’m taking Chemistry, Calculus and Advance Functions this semester so its all math, which I love!! (: Actually really missing my online classes though… and university applications have already begun… stressful? yes! Really hope the school year’s been going good for you too!!  – Kaitlyn

As for my courses. I honestly can’t imagine doing my math,physics and chemistry in a regular classroom. Learn worked so well for me, I really enjoyed it. I’m actually doing optimization in math right now, which I did in my sec. 5 math I think. Its always good to have a little base before going into something. I had physics last semester and the subjects we covered, we had mostly all covered in your class. I was very well prepared for that class. Learn is awesome, you guys do a great job! – Fred

Please keep sharing your success stories!


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