Online Tools – current list

Students use the following tools hosted by LEARN:

  • Zenlive online classroom
  • SAKAI portal
  • Zimbra e-mail
  • e-Pearl digital portfolio
Sites for sharing information:
Google Tools Collaborative tools –
Voicethread Interactive online discussion tool –
Prezi Create interactive presentations –
Twitter Micro-blogging tool –  *Locked accounts are recommended for students
WordPress Blogging tools –
Wix Easy website creation –
Padlet Virtual bulletin board –
Sites requiring registration (students will use LEARN e-mail address):
Khan Academy Online lessons –
Explore Learning Online simulations –
Geogebra Multi-platform dynamic mathematics software –
Storify Creating stories using social media –
Remind Sends text broadcasts to parents and students.  Phone numbers are never shared and there are no open replies.
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