January Exam Support from LEARN

Below are some helpful resources from LEARN for students preparing for Mid-Year and MELS Exams this January.  Students must log in to access these resources.


SOS LEARN – Free Online Homework Help and Tutoring with Real Classroom Teachers

Experienced teachers will be available online on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings to help Quebec students in English Schools with study and homework. If families have a computer with internet access, their children can benefit from this free program.  Registration required.


SuccessChecker  –  A Formative Assessment Tool for Secondary Students

Success Checker is an online tool that gives teachers and students feedback on each curriculum learning outcome for a particular course.  Courses offered: Secondary Cycle 2 Math courses, Science and Technology options, Chemistry, Physics, History 404.

Log in with LEARN access codes or via board portals and select Success Checker from your personal homepage.



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