Thank You Message from LEARN Director

This past month I spoke at the FETC conference and presented the strategies that you, our LEARN teachers have implemented.  I looked out at the crowd and saw how the attendees were inspired and amazed at what you have accomplished.  There were many questions about how you were flipping classes and engaging the students.  I saw educators in the crowd who wanted to make a difference in the lives of their students, just as you are making a difference in the lives of our students. This made me reminisce about my experiences as a student.

Each year that I attended school, I always wondered who my teachers would be and would I like them.  Each year I was pleasantly surprised. These teachers were helpful, supportive, kind, reassuring and many were fun.  Even though the strategies they used varied, they were able to inspire and help me through many situations both academically and emotionally. They, along with my parents, provided the foundation that I needed to succeed and become the person I am today.  My success became their success.  Now and then I have the opportunity to meet these incredible people and chat about school and the experiences we had.  It is always heartwarming.

Teachers are the heart and soul of our educational system.  You work every day with young people, helping them to become all that they are capable of becoming.  When I hear about all the great things our LEARN teachers are accomplishing, it is always warms my heart.  Your successes are LEARN’s successes and your accomplishments are what make LEARN such an important part of the Quebec educational system.  Your dedication to your students, your efforts to continually become better at what you do, your willingness to go the extra mile and continually search for better ways to inspire and engage your students, is exhilarating.  The opportunity to work with this team is inspirational in itself.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your commitment to your students.  One day they too will look back and remember how you were so helpful, kind and enjoyable to work with.  They will recall how you stuck with them through thick and thin, so they too experienced success.

I wish you all a great year and many great achievements as the year progresses.  Keep up the faith, continue to inspire and change children’s lives, and always remember that everything you say and do helps to provide those young people with the ability to believe in themselves and what they want to accomplish.


Margaret Dupuis

Director – LEARN

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