Words of Appreciation from our LEARN Director

Who is a teacher…..

When we first began school so many years ago, we were introduced to our teacher. This individual was the person who you trusted to help you learn all of those difficult things like Math, Writing, Reading and solving problems, among many other things. You knew you could trust that person because they wanted the best for you. Actually teachers spend much more time with children than do their parents, supporting and guiding. From greeting students in the morning to saying good bye at night, what you say and how you react with your students helps form who they will become in the future and who they should believe and trust. Seeing and speaking with you may be the best thing that happens to a child each day.

The role of the teacher is the most important role in the lives of young individuals. Many teachers become their students’ heroes. You, the teacher, are there with them through thick and thin, from when they fall and skin their knees, pass or fail a test or when they meet their first boyfriend or girlfriend. Many students confide more in their teachers than their own family members, because a teacher’s kind words, enthusiasm and guidance lets them know how important they are. You are there for them each day, and many times for more than Math or Science. You are their mentor, their facilitator, their friend and often a second parent.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teaching staff for all that they do. It is not always easy yet they always make time for a little tutoring or offering an empathetic ear. I often have the opportunity to listen to our teachers speak about their students, and what I hear is always very considerate and kind. Your efforts and dedication have made LEARN’s online services what it is… an opportunity to soar, grow, experience, enjoy, feel supported, dream and succeed.

Thank you for the great work.

Maggie Dupuis

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