Teacher Appreciation 2018

Just thinking here about Teacher Appreciation Week

If you look at the origins of the word appreciation, you will find that it comes from an old Latin word meaning “to set a price”.  Obviously it is impossible to put a price on the value of a teacher.   I could take the cliché route and say that teachers are “priceless”, and while true, that is simply a tired of way of expressing oneself.

So, let’s look at this differently.  Price is dependent on cost so I prefer to ask the question, “What would it cost us as a society not to have teachers who care and nurture and guide and share and who are selfless, generous, knowledgeable, and accessible.  And if after we stopped trying to calculate the cost to a world that does not have teachers, and we then tried “to set a price” on what we would be ready to pay for these amazing individuals, the real question is,  “Would we be able to afford them?  Just me wondering here!

Sincere thanks to our LEARN teachers and tutors who day in and out, stand out for their commitment to excellence.

Dr. Michael J. Canuel  


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  1. Audrey says:

    Thank you very much Michael, for your very kind words. Doing a job you love is its own reward, but I appreciate the economics analogy!

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