Online Learning Tools

What online tools are we using in LEARN’s online classes? Here’s our list:

(Please note that all tools are not used in all classes.)

If we introduce any new tools during the school year, we will add them to the list.

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Epic #LQHomecoming Twitter Chat

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An Alphabet Ode of Appreciation – Coordinator’s Message

Here are some of the reasons I am ever grateful to work with the teachers at LEARN.

Each one of you is…

A – Well… this one is easy: Awesome!























X-ceptional (I took some liberties here!)



Thank you for all that you do to make a positive difference in the lives of students across the province!

Kristine Thibeault

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Thank you – Director’s Message

Being an Educator

This is my 36th year in education and my 20th year with online learning.  It has been an exciting life-long experience, first of all because of the many learners that our services have assisted, but also because of the great educators I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. As an administrator I have watched numerous teachers in action, witnessed many successes, and seen first-hand how their efforts have changed the lives of so many children.

During this time of the year we have the opportunity to pay tribute to many great educators. I would like to first start with the people I work with.  In the LEARN Virtual Campus, I work with an incredible group of educationalists who contribute to the success of our online deliverables – teachers, tutors, office managers, administrators, consultants, course designers, developers and technicians. Through the use of some of the most innovative tools and educational best practices, they have developed an online methodology that makes learning come alive. I refer to all of the members of our team as educators. In a community it takes everyone to raise a child. In our Virtual Campus it takes the effort of all team members, to make the learning experience a positive one for our learners. Positive feedback from many a happy learner and satisfied parent, justifies my recognition of how such effort and commitment has made such a difference for the families we serve.

In recognition of all educators, teachers and tutors, of all of the professions, your commitment shapes our society the most.  Not an easy task.  Day in and day out, you take on the charge of innovating, motivating and enlightening, with often not even so much as a thank you.  Yet you continue to smile, encourage and persevere.  Each day you reach out to your students, and not only do you teach, but you console, listen, laugh, support and share.  Your efforts and how you react with your learners may often be the only positive interaction present in their daily lives.  So, if you sometimes think you are not making a difference, please think again.  What you say and do inspires and supports those learners during some of the most crucial periods of their lives, and those learners will always remember your kindness and caring.  This, along with so many other reasons, is why every year we take time to congratulate and thank you.  You educate and raise our children, so that they grow up happy and able to live productive lives.   What an incredible group you are!

Margaret Dupuis

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Thank you – CEO Message

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  – Henry Adams

As a former teacher in what now seems to be another life, I did not realize the impact I made on the lives of students.  Today, years and years after I stopped teaching I occasionally come across a former student who asks me if I remember them.  I always say Yes even though in most cases I simply do not.  Over the years I taught many students but now their names and faces have mostly faded into some fog I refer to as once upon a time.  I tell them I remember not to hurt their feelings as everyone wants to be remembered in one way or another.  They remind of what they did in my classes, how they enjoyed this and that, and how to this very day, what happened in that classroom made a difference in their lives.  What a humbling thought!  But so it is with teachers who give of themselves so selflessly, so generously, and who are devoted to their students.  For these reasons, teaching is without question, the most noble of professions.  It does not get the recognition or appreciation it deserves, and while some make more money, and others are mechanics who tend the human body, or interpret laws, or build bridges, teachers shape the future.  

At LEARN, our Virtual School Teachers and Tutors mold and shape and sculpt the future using all of their amazing talents while demonstrating those true human qualities our society needs to have imparted on its youth.  How fortunate we are, and what a true blessing it is that they are there for our students.  I appreciate our educators.  One day a former student will tell them, “You made a difference.  Without you, I am not sure what I would have done.”  I know this as a certainty because I know our teachers.  

Michael Canuel, Ed.D.

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Welcome Back Video – A LEARN Tradition!

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Training – August 29 to 31 / First day of class – September 4

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A SWEET Valentine’s Day Message to Our Students

Click to play!

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Teacher Appreciation 2018 – Community of Parents

Message from Margaret Dupuis, Director

I grew up in a family of educators. My mother and her two sisters were teachers, and because my mom taught all day, our father was our homework tutor. Their efforts and high expectations were crucial in assuring our academic success.  I was also from a small community, and as I think back, many of my teachers took on the same role.  They protected, guided, and encouraged.   They pushed us to learn, made sure we were involved in all kinds of activities, sports and clubs, inspiring us, and keeping us safe.  Together, the family unit and our teachers were all very actively involved in encouraging all three children in our family, to reach for the stars and find our niche in life.

As an administrator, I look at the great educators I work with and I have to say you are amazing people.  You give unselfishly, spend hours trying to find ways to engage and stimulate young minds.  You comfort during crises, are empathetic when life is cruel. In a time of divided families and isolation, you often provide kind words and a happy environment where your students can feel safe and supported. You listen and provide great advice, or sometimes just listen. You rejoice in your students’ successes and feel sorrow in their losses. You can be funny and silly at times, bringing joy to the lives of your pupils.  You always seem to be there when most needed.  You allow your students to fall but not too hard, and are there to pick them up – certainly sounds like a parent to me.  And, of course, you also enlighten young minds with knowledge and lifelong skills.  You are a friend, a confidante, an instructor, a facilitator, a crutch to lean on – how lucky our children are to be surrounded by such extraordinary individuals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our teachers, tutors and educational staff, who together, accomplish all of these great and wonderful things. I hear so many great stories from parents such as, “how kind you were, how their child would not have passed without your help, how you made a difference in their child’s life, how you helped their child enjoy school…” I could go on and on.

Your dedication has made an incredible impact on the accomplishments of the learners you work with and you play an essential parental role in their successes and future.  In this very busy world where everything seems to be moving so fast and time is very limited, you are needed more than ever to ensure safe and nurturing environments for your students.    Without you, where would our children be!


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