Teacher Appreciation Wishes from Director of e-learning Services

To Our LEARN Teachers

The other day I received a much appreciated compliment from a colleague about the great work I was doing at LEARN.  Of course I was pleased, but mostly very proud because I know that the real reason I received this praise was because of our “e-Learning” instructional team’s accomplishments that occur year after year.

Over the last 17 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of incredible educators who take their careers and the needs of learners very seriously.  Now and then I get the chance to sit in on your brainstorming and PD discussions, learning about what is innovative and what can be added to your classes to enhance learning.  I hear about the successes our students are experiencing and the enjoyment you are having teaching these students. I am regularly amazed at what is happening in the online sessions, as well as what is continued outside this environment with social media.    Your efforts provide stability, security, motivation and compassion, which innately determines if a student will like a subject or even like to go to school.   The true role of an educator is to provide the opportunity for learners to learn about the world in a way that relates to them. You have all taken the time needed to do this, to learn about your students and you have brought their reality to the learning environment, on an ongoing basis. You are the heart and soul of our organization.

As I watch each of you I see educators who care about what takes place in relation to your students’ learning and their lives.  You are supportive, helpful, kind and thoughtful.  Your efforts definitively indicate that teaching is not just a job but a calling, and you provide learners with everything they need to soar and blossom.  You inspire, assist, and provide a shoulder to lean on. You are reliable, sympathetic and change learners’ lives every day.  So I gladly accepted the compliment that was given, but also let my friend know that alone I would never have had the opportunity to know what great dedication and innovation can produce.  Thanks to all of you for providing great opportunities for our learners across our Province.


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