Teacher Appreciation Wishes from LEARN’s CEO

Here we are again.  Teacher appreciation day!  Last year I said that every day, every week should be teacher appreciation day.  I still believe that, and maybe now more than ever.

Some of you surely have noticed I follow you on Twitter.  You see the “likes” and on rare occasions I may comment.  Mostly I am watching and I am impressed.  The quality of the work and the sheer commitment to the students is heart-warming and impressive.  For your love of students and for the work you do, I am most appreciative.  For your commitment and perseverance, I am indebted to you.  You do not hear it often enough, or cannot hear too often.  You are important.  The work you do is critical to our collective future.

I want to also extend my thanks to those who help make this happen and who more often than not, work in the shadows.  The leadership provided by Maggie and Dianne is critical.  The support of the Shawville staff and tech crew is core to the realization of this dream we call e-learning/blended learning.

Thank you on my behalf, on behalf of LEARN, and on behalf of the community we serve.


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